Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm me.

This would be a post full of "I" or perhaps "I'm" because the whole idea of it is to describe myself though I can't simply express myself in a paragraph or two. But I'll give it a shot. I'm making this because I've heard so many talks about how weird and eerie I'm. Cause I could be happy in no time but also could be down in seconds. Trust me when I say I'm out of your league. So here it is , a heart to heart hello from me :


My friends once told me that I'm one peculiar creature. Don't be surprise when I tell you all about myself. When you first met me you'll think that I'm bashful and timid but heck no , I'm more than a boy who has a low self-esteem. Seriously I'm wild and uncontrollable. I've done things that people never think I would even have the guts to. I sulk a lot and honestly yes , I'm a lot to handle. Just some random jokes could offend me and I could frown all day long for that. And from a single sulk it could lead to a bigger anger or in some case , I'd rather see it as in pathetic form. One thing I really hate is when I scowl and no one ever seem to care to coax me. But most of the time there will be someone. So if you want to be somewhat close to me you'll need to reconsider cause they sometimes call me a crybaby. Well , a good one I suppose. Another thing about me , I listen to nobody. I do take opinions but I always stick to my own actually. Cause I do what I want to do and what I'll be liking to do. That's why I chose my own path rather than listen to anybody's point of view. I could be advise of course but that would be a waste of time because like I said I don't really listen. Well maybe I could listen but the whole conversion will be thrown out of the window. It's like using coat in summer.

And the other side of me would be a far cry from the one I just described just now. It's a happy vans' side. Once you got the opportunity to get to know me you'll see that I'm one of those person that could make you laugh. Three best word to describe it ; funny , clumsy , crazy. And maybe at times , maladroit. Cause I could be insensitive too you know. I'm outgoing and I can't seem to get enough for myself. I always want more and more. I'm competitive in a good manner and for me victory ain't everything. I hate people that tend to play hard because they wanted to be the winner so badly. I bet everyone wants to be on the top but don't put a high goal for yourself. Just play and enjoy the game. Power-mad is so irritating , don't you know ? Hm , my friends and family would know that I'm a lot into arts. Every single thing about art gives me a thrill. From writing to poetry to drawing to fashion , I love them all. I started drawing when I was three and I don't really have a professional guidance for that. It runs in the family. Well we all have pretty much arty hands and we create art. That's me in words but more surprises awaits when you meet me. Gosh I love surprises. So you already know both part of me , the demon and the angel. The whole combination of both part would make no sense at all or maybe in someway outrageous but trust me , no one else knows me better than I'm. Because one thing you should know , I'm me.

p/s : I love pastels !

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