Friday, August 27, 2010

Mr Lucky

Do you ever feel that luck never wins your side ? Trust me , I'm not new to that. And I stumble at first but nah , I'm getting used to it now. I used to get what I want , well let just say in material form. But as I grow up , I figured out that things work differently for the grown ups. We won't really get what we want easily. An effort must be put on it. Only the lucky one will get things easily without no strive necessary. Guess I'm not lucky enough , or not lucky at all. Cause it's not just I don't easily get what I want. But even after I worked so hard for it , it didn't turned out to be what I asked for. Things that I had planned so perfectly always turned out to be the real opposite of it. It turned out to be the things you really didn't planned for and what you hoped not to happen. But it did. It really get on my nerves and it pissed me off. And seeing people around me get what they want without the need of working hard or at least praying , didn't help. It gave me the idea of stop praying.

Luck is not something we could gain all by ourselves. It came from the upstairs. And luck is also not a thing we could buy. They didn't put a price tag on it. Even if there's an exact price for it , it will cost you your life. It change things , remember ? Yes , luck change things , including life. I wish you really could pass around luck in some ways. So maybe it's possible for me to get it somehow. It seems like they invented the word luck specially not for me. It seems like I'm not meant for it. This is a dull post people. A post of dissatisfying and livid. The post of hating and loving the unfairness both at the same time. Yes it's a dull post. It's a dull life after all.

"My Lady luck sucks. But she's not fired. She could come in handy sometimes."

P/s : Luck could really change side , it's undefined. Beware !


  1. ooo kene reject rupny...ko ni janggut pn xde lg xpyh la nk despair sal cinte haha..contohi kakak ngn abg ko ni hahaha...xpyhla nk hrp luck...luck tu dtg sndr ble2 de mau...yg penting usaha dan DOA..doa tu xde usaha xgune jgk...kwn2 ko yg konon 'lucky' sgt tu mcm perfect je idop kn...jgn nk banding ngn org len sampai ble ko camtu jgk...ade paham adek?!!!

  2. haha i didn't say anything about love. seriously it's not about that. but thanks fr the advise.

  3. ah suda la ko nk menepis2 lg..di mane titi yg reput di situ musang meniti huh