Friday, June 18, 2010

Stimulating Adage

As I go through life, I met sundry group of people that inspired my life to a better level. Some of them stay, though I know it's not gonna for long. And the others left. But they surely did put an impact on my life, wouldn't they ? They have been there for me when I need them. They have been saying good things to me when I'm down. Thank you. And they are quotes they said that banged me. Let's hope these quotes would bang you too.

NURA's Life's A Bitch
Your words are true darling

I never get the idea of life, being a fair game. I guess I never will. So I told her about that feeling. The feeling of wanted to have what others have. The feeling of wanted to scream directly to God to be more fair next time. And she replied these inspiring words. Maybe at first you'll find it comical. But surprisingly I didn't. At the very moment I read her message consist of this, I started to think how true is that. Life really is a bitch. God know how bitchy could it be. One time it's all sexy and tempting and the next, it's just a piece of shit that surely would dump you. Kudos Nura. Your words had been true all the way.

SURAYA's Fate Thingy
You were there to wipe up my tears. Thank you.

She told me that it's not our fate to be born to eat with silver spoons. So if I really wanna get rich, I must work for it. It is my fate to work for it myself. She said, we lay our fate in God's hand. That's the reason we pray upside down, to ask Him for some mercy. So He would give us the destiny we really want. I guess she's right. Life ain't fair. But if you keep on asking yourself why He didn't chose you to sort of things you really want, you won't march ahead. Not even a step. You must take that as a task, a task to fulfill your own goal in your own way. So Fiona Ogre, I'm gonna work it from now on. Take my words.

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