Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm so dead

It's few minutes before 12. Before Sunday's over. Actually, before the mid-year break's over. But my homeworks were left undone. And I'm fucking jaded at the moment. There's no way I'm going to sit down for hours just to finish it. Who cares about homework when your pillow is waiting neatly on your bed. I tried to finish addmath, since it's the first subject that I'm gonna face tomorrow. But the numbers made me feel like throwing up. Seriously. Addmath is just about bunch of stupid numbers and their freak symbols. Agree people ? Keep your own opinion, I'm not taking it. Haha. Well, I might seem like I'm doing just fine here, not even care about being scolded by the teachers first thing tomorrow. But trust me, I know I'm gonna be dead the first step I step in the school. Let's just pray that there won't be nightmare. At least not for me, please God. Amin.

I'm dead or not, God decide. Pray that he won't decide for the dead part.

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