Friday, June 18, 2010


I played this game of life and I still am.
It's just I'm tired. God don't be too rough, eh ?

I got into an argument. With who ? I'll give you a hint. Well , He's not human. Brainwash. I cried so bad that I think my eyes would explode. I screamed shrilly that people might think I'm having mental disturbance. But let them be. Let them think I'm crazy. And now I'm giving you the permission to just think that I'm weak. That's why I have no shame to say that I cried. Life is tough. It's getting tougher through each day. I played soft but life keep on going rogue. Well now I'm a wee bit at ease after telling my dilemma to a trustworthy chum. It's good to have someone that would listen to your problems you know. Cause as far as I'm concern, others just don't care about you anymore. You're at your own. Trust me.

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