Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm gonna get it right.

I'm making a vow. Listen fella.

I, Andra Vans, vouch to be more deceiving in the future.

I won't care a fucking thing about others' feeling. And I will start to care more about mine. Mine that no one ever seem to care. Yes, you want vicious ? I can give you more than you could ever envisage. Well someone told me that I'm not gonna make it, that I'm too kind to trash shits to people. But you know what, I will soon prove that she's wrong. I could be as heartless as all of you. I know you're vilifying right now cause why the hell I need to change the angel in me into some kind of cold evil. Because I'm tired of being well, let's just say nice and warm but at the end of the day, I'm still not good enough. My wishes never come true. So I started to think that I must put an end to this. That's why I plotted this. Why being nice to people when they treat you like hell ? Be hell to people when they treat you like hell. So they will know what the real meaning of hell is. And why bother to be nice when you never get what you'd ask for ? If, and just if I make some move maybe I would succeed and get what I'd longed for. I guess all this while I'm just conceited of being pity to everyone but the truth is, I'm just being pity to myself. So bye bye fragile me, welcome the new me full of guts.

"Cruelty does not count when you're living in a cruel world."
Andra Vans

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