Saturday, June 12, 2010

Holiday Ain't Special

So I've been hearing all this "its gonna be a great hols." talks. But seriously to me, there's nothing special. I've been spending my holiday with laying in bed all day long and maybe watch some Korean dramas. The only great thing about this mid-year break is, no suckfest school. Not to mention the annoying and demanding teachers. For two weeks, I'm free from all that shits, homework excluded. My mum keep on nagging about me doing my freaking homework. Nahh, I think I'm doing well so far. three over eight of my homework had finished. The rest are still in progress. Normally I'll start doing my homework on the night before the school starts. Yes, that's me. Who likes homework eh ? And I'd discussed about changing my whole self into someone new with my best chum. She agreed and I really think this is a great idea. I absolutely need a change. The only question now is, will I really change ? So God, please make my will strong. Like really really strong.

Hey, its always fun to be new all over again.

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